Young people show you around the camps

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Family and Friends

'There is a saying that thousands of ants can kill an elephant.  Like that we can solve our problems by sharing our ideas and discussing our struggles together'.  Aite Maya






The view from the roof of my hut.  When we first arrived the camps were very bare but now there are banana trees and much greenery. Deokumar

Passing Time

‘In camp time flows by continuously. Some people say we may always be neglected. I want to show how refugees, being stateless and unemployed, spend time. People gather in families and share their happiness and sorrows.  We youths play games and do exercise, we paint pictures and sing songs.  We keep our minds active.’  Rabin    


‘When giving rations they give everything by measuring on the beam balance.  We receive things according to the number of family members.  If a family has small babies then the rations will be sufficient…  … If the family has only adults they will have to buy extra or borrow from others.  We have to eat little to make it last.  In Bhutan we could eat whenever we liked but in camps we cannot eat like this due to the scarcity of things available to us.’   Aite Maya


‘It is said that every environment helps to shape a human being, so it also must influence the molding of their future. In spite of the fact that I am deprived of my birthplace and basic rights, I still have a strong desire for the future…’  Devi





"The water taps nearby my hut. In the camps we have a problem with water because there is not enough to wash our bodies and clothes. There is no free flowing water like in Bhutan".    Madan  




"These temples are situated all around the camps. They are built by the peoples of the camps and they contain many beautiful paintings of the gods and goddess on the walls. There are Buddhist and hindu temples but people of any religion can go in and worship there.  These temples are believed to be holy places".  Kem




“People have had to learn how to sustain their lives in the camps.  Women are equally as skilled as the men.  They have to earn extra money because what we are given is not sufficient to survive on.”  Poonam




“Women queue at the health centre with their children.”  Til Maya






“Dressed up for the festival.”   Deokumar




The Children's Creation Newspaper

Newspaper articles taken from The Child Creation. Young people in the camps have been writing their own newspaper since 2001.





“The trees are growing and green and the wind was blowing.  I liked it.  The trees are planted by the refugee community near the camps.  Like the trees are growing, let me also grow in skill.  This is what I pray.”   Ram




“A woman selling fruits so she can run her family.”  Buddhi