This site aims to give an overview of the Bhutanese refugee story and act as an archive of Bhutanese refugee stories.

It is run by international volunteers who have worked with the Bhutanese refugee community before they were exiled from Bhutan, while they in the camps and as they have resettled around the world.

Many of the images and writing by Bhutanese refugee youth that is used on this site was generated between 1999-2008 when these young people was participants in The Rose Class and Bhutanese Refugee Children's Forum, a participatory youth programme run by LWF and PhotoVoice in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal.  The Bhutanese Refugee Children's Forum was funded by Comic Relief from 2004-07.

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(c) Bishnu Maya / BRCF / PhotoVoice

(c) Bishnu Maya / BRCF / PhotoVoice