The Children's Forum

Many of the images and text used on this website were created by young refugees who grew up in the Bhutanese camps and participated in the The Bhutanese Refugee Children's Forum

The Children’s Forum was the longest running and largest child-orientated project in the Bhutanese refugee camps. It was first established as a holistic, participatory child rights based programme by Save the Children in 1996.  It was run by LWF Nepal from 2000.  PhotoVoice worked in the Bhutanese camps from 1998 and funded participatory arts, writing and photography activities in The Children’s Forum since 2002.  Activities included camp exhibitions and community days, the publication of a monthly newspaper and wall bulletin, art and photography workshops, photographic vocational training course, writing and journalism workshops and the running of a photographic studio and darkroom in the camps. 

Images and writing done by members of the Bhutanese refugee Children's Forum was used to raise awareness on the Bhutanese refugee issue internationally.  Their work was exhibition all over the world and featured in local and international media.

From 1998-2008 over 3000 young people were involved in The Children's Forum.