"It was July 3rd 1990 at about 4 o’clock in the evening. Suddenly my father cried with fright and pain. I, too, was frightened at that moment but my fear reached the boundary of my mind when I saw blood running from my father’s thigh.

He tells me now that after I fell unconscious, he held me, embracing me with his arms, and then tried to run away. However, he was injured and was unable to run or walk far and he was soon arrested by the army forces.

I do not remember anything after I fell unconscious. My step-mother was also there and she was also arrested. In jail they were kept separately and my father was tortured.

One day we were returning from the market. An incident occurred and my father told me this story, his eyes full of tears. He said, ‘I still have no idea about my wife, whether she is dead or alive’."