"It was on Monday. All the family members were ready for dinner after finishing a hard day’s work. At that time we heard an unusual sound outside. My father went to outside the kitchen and was suddenly caught around the neck by a policeman who started to beat him.

After some time the policeman tied his hands and started walking towards the van. All of my family were weeping and begged them to let go of my father. But the policeman denied our requests and took our father to prison.

In prison they hung my father upside down and beat him. Then they hung him over chilli smoke. After that they ordered him to leave the country with all his family.

That very night myself and my family left our house and our country empty handed. There were many tears.

During the night we had to cross a big forest. We small children were crying for lack of food. Without light to see, we had to cross a big river. Only in the morning did we reach India.

With only sorrows we started the long journey from India to Nepal. We children were still asking for food but our father was only able to give us water.

Eventually we arrived at Maidhar, Nepal – near the bank of the Mai river. We still had nothing to eat. We went to a Nepalese village but the people chased us away. After that the Nepal government provided us with rice."